Birth Preparation Workshops

In these sessions we look at and practice different aspects of birth preparation and ways in which you and your partner can work together to create a positive birth experience. Inspired by techniques from Birthing From Within, Spinning Babies and more these classes will help your partner learn how to confidently support you during pregnancy and birth through a mix of breathing, massage and various tools and techniques. There are 3 workshops in the series; each workshop can be taken as a stand alone or you may wish to attend 2 or all 3 of the workshops.

Cost £30 per couple, max of 5 couples per workshop. Booking required.

Next workshops –

Pain Coping and Breathing. Date to be arranged

Positions for Labour & Birth. Date to be arranged

Optimal Foetal Positioning & Birth Hormones. Date to be arranged


Workshop 1: Pain coping and Breathing

In this workshop you’ll learn a powerful and effective pain coping practice using the breath to help keep you focused and centered in labour. Your partner will learn how to support you with the breath and this practice helps you discover what does and doesn’t work for you in terms of support. We’ll also practice massage and comfort techniques that can be used in pregnancy and / or labour.

Workshop 2: Optimal Foetal Positioning and Birth Hormones

This workshop explores why Optimal Foetal Positioning matters, how you can make space for baby to get well positioned, techniques and exercises to encourage baby into an optimal position during pregnancy and what you can do to create more space in labour if baby isn’t well positioned.

We also look at the important role of birth hormones and what women need in labour to encourage maximum flow of birth hormones.

Workshop 3: Positions for Labour and Birth

In this workshop we’ll be practising birth positions, working out which feel most comfortable and how your partner can best support you in them. You’ll learn some tools and techniques to create space in the pelvis and help a mal-positioned baby turn in labour. We’ll take a closer look at the pelvis and understand how movement and gravity help in labour and birth. You’ll also learn a breath to help create calm in the birth room and we’ll practice comfort techniques that can be used in pregnancy and / or labour.

Workshop 4: Navigating the journey of labour, birth of the placenta and early bonding (available by request)

We’ll be looking at navigating the journey of labour, it’s phases, twists and turns, what may happen, myth busting and misconceptions; the time immediately after birth – early bonding with baby and the birth of the placenta and practicing massage and comfort techniques for pregnancy and labour.

Discussion, questions and addressing concerns are all welcome!

These sessions are for pregnant women and their birth partner (which might be your partner, mum, friend, doula, etc) and you can also come on your own. Groups are small to help you feel comfortable, relaxed and get to know the other participants.

Once booked, sessions are non-refundable except in the unlikely event that I have to cancel. If you cancel with more than 14 days notice I may be able to transfer your booking to a different workshop or class of the same price.

One-to-one Birth Preparation workshops

Birth Preparation sessions are also available as a tailor-made one-to-ones, please contact me to arrange.

Cost: £70 for 2 hours; £95 for 3 hours; £115 for 4 hours.

A deposit of £30 (non-refundable) is required on booking.

“It gave a really good overview of different coping techniques and putting everything into practice really helped me to understand” – Becky

“Today’s session has made me really look forward to the birth of my baby. It’s made me feel more confident, less anxious, more supported and intimate with my husband. It was also fantastic having open and honest discussions with like minded people” – Holly

I feel more confident in asking for what I want (and don’t want) during labour, and it started a conversation between my partner and I about how he can help me achieve this.” – Laura

“Fabulous workshop that has left me feeling positive and confident about my upcoming birth. Looking forward to my journey to becoming a mum” – Sam

“Calling all soon to be dads….this workshop will make a BIG difference and support your expectations and anxieties. Book it!” – Richard

“More insightful than any book or TV programme. Practical exercises give an idea of what to expect & how to cope. Very helpful and worthwhile” – Gwen

Preparing to Birth Again

Refresher workshops for parents who are expecting again. These one-to-one classes can be taylor made to cover any of the above sessions and can include debriefing if you had a previous difficult birth experience. Parents who are birthing again are also welcome on the above workshops!

This workshop is normally run on a one-to-one basis, although groups are possible too. Please contact me to arrange.

“Rosa’s workshop was everything I could hope for and more. My partner was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was a lot he could do too. We’re looking forward to the birth more than ever” – Emma