Postnatal Recovery Massage

Postnatal Recovery Massage – hands on patientThis is a gentle, effective and deeply nurturing treatment to nourish, support and comfort women after birth. Beneficial whether you have recently given birth or it’s been many years since you had your children. Inspired by a traditional Ecuadoran postnatal massage called closing the bones – and with thanks to the indigenous teachers who have shared their knowledge – the Postnatal Recovery Massage (PRM) is done on a massage table and involves using a rebozo shawl to rock and bind the mother’s body, together with an extensive massage of the abdomen, hips, waist, ribs, chest and arms. It is designed to help realign and balance a new mother, as well as help her return to her center, both physically and energetically.

£60 for a single session (1.5 hours). 3 treatment package £150 (to be taken within 3 months). 

“Had an amazing postnatal recovery massage with Rosa today. Absolute bliss. Abdominal massage feels fantastic after pregnancy and being wrapped and held in rebozos feels so very grounding. Rosa is brilliant, I felt totally calm, relaxed, safe and cosy in her therapy space.” 

Sacred Wrapping

‘Closing the Bones’ – a deeply relaxing, therapeutic and non-invasive process using Rebozos (a traditional Mexican shawl) wrapped around the head, shoulders, pelvis, legs and feet. Traditionally performed by Mexican midwives and so called because it helps ‘close’ the mothers bones and bring her ’back to herself’ after being so open during pregnancy and birth.

This treatment can be enjoyed on it’s own or as part of a postnatal Mizan treatment, as well as being part of the Postnatal Recovery Massage.

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