Here are just a few of the many testimonials I have received:

“Tom and I loved the relaxed and calm atmosphere, the birthing process can seem quite daunting and stressful but this workshop helped see the process as the beautiful natural thing that it is and that put us both at ease…it bought us closer together and included Tom which we both feel is very important. We feel calmer now and also excited which are emotions I didn’t previously relate to labour.” – Chloe

“Rosa’s antenatal classes provided me and my boyfriend with the confidence and tools needed to feel prepared to give birth. I now feel empowered and confident that I can achieve a natural birth (with luck) at home. Rosa’s pregnancy yoga classes have been so beneficial each week, and have taught me invaluable breathing techniques which can be used during birth and in general life. Could not fault either class.” – Jess

“Was going to pregnancy yoga from 20 weeks right up until a few days before I gave birth. It helped me so much to relax and ease those aches and pains. I loved the community of other mums and Rosa’s helpful advice. Thursday nights after yoga was always my best nights sleep of the week from being so relaxed!” – Kate

“I have been going to Rosa’s class since 14 weeks of my pregnancy. It’s so relaxing, and along with the antenatal classes that she runs, I feel completely prepared for the upcoming birth of my baby. I would recommend these classes to all pregnant ladies, such a great way to treat yourself.” – Laura

“I have attended Rosa’s yoga classes for 2 previous pregnancies & now on a 3rd. I have always started early on & stayed right up until due date. Rosa’s classes are calm, fun & helpful. As well as a great yoga/mum & baby teacher Rosa is very helpful with any other concerns/worries you may have & can give a variety of advice covering most pregnancy/baby related queries. Highly recommended!” – Cheri

“Just finished a term of mum & baby postnatal class & we loved it. Rosa is a lovely teacher & her classes are so relaxed. My little boy enjoyed the baby massage as well as chuckling at me doing yoga! Thanks Rosa xx” – Emma

“Rosa’s antenatal yoga classes were excellent and really helped me prepare physically and mentally for the birth. I suffered with bad lower back pain in my first pregnancy but hardly suffered at all in my second pregnancy which I’m sure is due in large part to the yoga classes. Rosa is a very calming, patient and knowledgeable teacher and I would highly recommend her classes.” – Lucy

“I attended yoga with Rosa from about 30weeks of my pregnancy until the birth of my son at 41weeks. The classes were so informative and helpful, especially with particular moves to relieves aches and pains and how to get baby into optimum position. The breathing exercises were also helpful when experiencing contractions in labour. It was also great fun to meet other pregnant women and share experiences. Would highly recommend!” – Hayleigh

“I attended Rosa’s pregnancy yoga class from 16 weeks right up until my due date and looked forward to the class every week – it was so relaxing and definitely helped prepare my mind and body for the big day! I now go to Rosa’s post natal classes too with my little boy and we both thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks!” – Rozy

“Rosa is fantastic and helped me every step of the way throughout my pregnancy. The breathing exercises helped me through labouring at home until I needed to go into hospital to deliver my baby girl. I was able to deal with the contractions until I was fully dilated without the need for any pain relief. I’m so glad I was able to attend Rosa’s classes and I am so thankful for her help and advice.” – Zoe

“I thought starting yoga at 36 weeks pregnant would be ‘too late’ or ‘not worth it’ but Rosa has made every session really special. The sessions are calm, friendly and really practical too. I’m sure I will use these useful breathing and stretching techniques when the big day arrives. I intend to carry on with some post natal yoga too. Thank you!!” – Emma

“Rosa is a lovely, caring teacher. She had loads of tips and advice for me and my breech baby during her pre-natal classes and offered a safe place to ask questions as well as relax. Id also highly recommend her post natal classes, as a great way to connect with others mums, regain your confidence with some gentle yoga and as-well as learn baby massage techniques.
Thanks Rosa!! xxx” – Leanne

“Rosa is a fantastic teacher, very knowledgable in yoga, pregnancy, birth & babies! The pregnancy yoga classes were a great way to relax, learn breathing techniques and birthing positions, as well as meeting new friends. Rosa’s teachings undoubtedly helped me have the most wonderful natural water birth at home, something I am very grateful for! I now enjoy weekly post natal classes with my baby and cannot recommend Rosa highly enough!” – Beth

“I’ve found the workshops very beneficial, Rosa has given me a better understanding of what I can do to help my body and baby in preparation for labour and birth. I hope to have a natural labour and birth for our baby and I, without interventions, whilst I am also remaining flexible and open minded as I know there are no guarantees on which way things will go. Through the workshops I feel more confident that whatever happens I have the resources within and a variety of practical techniques to draw on which I can apply to whatever is ahead. I have also enjoyed having the space to work together on the exercises with my husband at the workshops and at home. I feel reassured knowing that he has also learnt practical ways in which he can support me, my body and our baby through this journey. Thank you Rosa.” – Emma