Birth Preparation Workshops

Birth preparation workshops to help you tap into your birth power and grow your confidence in your body’s ability to birth your baby!

Having a baby is one of the most important transitions in your life. Giving birth is a major rite of passage, an experience you will always remember. My aim is to help safeguard your experience of birth and ease your journey into parenthood; to help women and their partners feel empowered and approach birth and parenting with confidence and the trust that you know what is right for you and your family.

Incorporating elements of Spinning Babies, Biomechanics for Birth, Birthing From Within and Active Birthing, these antenatal classes will provide you and your partner with many tools and practices so you can work together to create a positive birth experience.

Workshop 1: Birth Power (3.5 hours)

Pain Coping & Breathing for Labour; Positions for Labour & Birth; Optimal Baby Positioning & Birth Hormones

Workshop content –
  • Learn a powerful and effective pain coping practice using the breath to help keep you focused and centred in labour and in your power during labour.
  • By practicing this together with your partner you’ll work out the kind of support you need and this will help your partner to feel more confident in knowing and understanding your needs during the intensity of labour & birth
  • Practice a variety of birth positions, working out which feel most comfortable and how your partner can best support you in them.
  • We’ll take a closer look at the pelvis and understand how movement and gravity help you work with your body and make more space for baby in labour and birth.
  • Learn a variety of biomechanics techniques to balance the pelvis during pregnancy so baby has the best chance of being well positioned for birth, some of these you can do on your own and some with your partner. These techniques can also be used in labour if baby is mal-positioned or if there are restrictions in the pelvis.
  • Massage and comfort techniques for labour.
  • Understand the role of birth hormones and what you need in labour to encourage the birth hormones to flow and what inhibits their release.

Workshop 2: A Map of Birth & Birthing the Placenta (1.5 hours)

  • Labour and birth can take many twists and turns. In this session we’ll explore how to navigate a map of labour, what to expect and the unexpected.
  • Optimal cord clamping, the golden hour after birth
  • Options on birthing the placenta


Next dates:

Workshop 1 –

  • Saturday 18th June, 10 to 1.30pm in Ringwood (spaces)

Space for just 2 couples / birthing pairs in each, £70 per couple

Workshop 2 –

Dates to be announced, £30 per couple

These sessions are for pregnant mamas / expectant parents and their birth partner (which might be your partner, mum, friend, doula, etc) and you can also attend on your own. Groups are small to help you feel comfortable, relaxed and get to know the other participants.

Recommended from around 30 weeks of pregnancy. Booking required.

Once booked, sessions are non-refundable except in the unlikely event that I have to cancel. If you cancel with more than 14 days notice I may be able to transfer your booking to a different workshop or class of the same price.


One-to-one Birth Preparation workshops

Birth Preparation sessions are also available as a tailor-made one-to-ones, incorporating some or all of the above sessions. Please contact me to arrange.

Cost: £70 for 2 hours; £100 for 3 hours. To cover everything as a one-to-one would be approximately 4.5 hours and this would be done as 2 sessions, £140.

A deposit of £40 is required on booking (non-refundable but date can be transferred if it’s possible to do so).


Positive Birth Preparation and Pregnancy Yoga Workshop

Joint workshop run with Deborah Loza, former midwife and hypnobirthing teacher.

An inclusive and empowering workshop for all pregnant mamas / birthing people.
Gift yourself a morning to talk about your birth rights and preparing for birth; enjoy a pregnancy yoga session, and experience a wonderful hypnobirthing relaxation to finish.
We intend this workshop to be an affordable opportunity for you to relax, enjoy and gather knowledge.
The first half of the morning will be sharing Information and discussing birth topics.
Then you will get comfy on your mats and experience some gentle flowing yoga movements, finishing with a calming Hypnobirthing relaxation.
This workshop will include:
  • Choices and rights for pregnancy and birth and where to birth your baby
  • Understand how we make choices around birth, what influences us, and how to feel more in control.
  • Comfort measures for labour and birth
  • Positions for labour
  • Movement and breath, connecting to your baby
  • Experience a deep hypnobirthing relaxation
The pregnancy yoga session will help you to connect with yourself and your unborn baby; stretch and strengthen your body; improve balance in the pelvis to help with optimal fetal positioning; develop awareness of your breath to help you in labour and for relaxation; release tension and relieve aches and pains of pregnancy.
Finally, you’ll enjoy getting in touch with the sensations of your breath and the calmness of your mind, as you relax and listen to a Hypnobirthing relaxation.
Maximum 8 places, £50 per person, contact me to book

Saturdays, 10 to 1 in Charminster, Bournemouth. Next date TBA

“Today’s session has made me really look forward to the birth of my baby. It’s made me feel more confident, less anxious, more supported and intimate with my husband. It was also fantastic having open and honest discussions with like minded people” – Holly

“Fabulous workshop that has left me feeling positive and confident about my upcoming birth. Looking forward to my journey to becoming a mum” – Sam

“I feel more confident in asking for what I want (and don’t want) during labour, and it started a conversation between my partner and I about how he can help me achieve this.” – Laura

“We were recommended this workshop by some close family, especially for the fact that Rosa takes in particular consideration the role of the birth partner (or life partner). We were welcomed in a cosy environment and felt heard, understood, we were able to talk deeply about our past experience and analyse all the things we didn’t want to happen again this time. Rosa gave us practical tools to cope with labour and in general find the right mindset. We definitely recommend it.” – Elisabetta and Caspar

“Calling all soon to be dads….this workshop will make a BIG difference and support your expectations and anxieties. Book it!” – Richard

“More insightful than any book or TV programme. Practical exercises give an idea of what to expect & how to cope. Very helpful and worthwhile” – Gwen

Preparing to Birth Again

Refresher workshops for parents who are expecting again. These one-to-one classes can be tailor made to cover some  /all of the above session and can include debriefing if you had a previous difficult birth experience. Parents who are birthing again are also welcome in the group workshop!

“Rosa’s workshop was everything I could hope for and more. My partner was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was a lot he could do too. We’re looking forward to the birth more than ever” – Emma