Birth Doula

I offer a range of Birth Doula support packages and can offer this support for about 4 births a year.

All the packages include labour and birth, being on call from 38 weeks till you give birth and unlimited emails, texts, messages and phone calls from booking to the last postnatal session.

Antenatal sessions will be tailored to what you’d like to cover and may include – exploration of previous births, birth preparation sessions, breathing and pain coping, making a birth plan, information and support around birth choices, support at appointments (depending on whether covid restrictions are still in place) and biomechanics for birth – techniques to encourage baby into an optimal position for birth.

If you choose a package with treatments, the treatments sessions are for approximately 1 hour. You can read more about Mizan Therapy here and Myofascial Release here

During your labour and birth I can be as hands on or hands off as you wish and will be guided by your needs. You may just want my quiet reassuring presence, you might need words of encouragement or a back rub, you may need help to stay focused and strong, you might need me to advocate for you. I know a range of techniques to help baby get into a better position if needed, I can help look up information if you need to make any unexpected decisions during labour and I will support your choices. I am here to support you and your partner however your birth unfolds.

Once baby is born I’ll stay for another couple of hours (or as needed) till you’re comfortable and settled.

The postnatal session/s can include talking about your birth, supporting you to rest and recover, feeding support, rebozo wrapping, signposting if needed….and I’ll probably bring cake.

Demeter:  4 sessions (2-3 hours each), 3 antenatal, 1 postnatal + birth support as above – £900

Astarte:  5 sessions (2-3 hours each), 4 antenatal, 1 postnatal or 3 antenatal, 2 postnatal + birth support as above – £975

Ishtar: 4 sessions (2-3 hours each), 3 antenatal, 1 postnatal; 2 pregnancy treatments: Mizan Therapy and / or Myofascial Release + birth support as above – £980

Innana: 5 sessions (2-3 hours each), 4 antenatal, 1 postnatal or 3 antenatal, 2 postnatal; 2 pregnancy treatments: Mizan Therapy and / or Myofascial Release + birth support as above – £1055

Danu: Full holistic support. Regular Mizan Therapy / Myofascial Release / Biomechanics for Birth treatments throughout your pregnancy – these may be monthly, fortnightly or weekly depending on where you are in your pregnancy and any discomfort or issues you may be experiencing. 5 sessions (2-3 hours each) which can be a mix of antenatal and postnatal. A few shorter 1 hour sessions as needed for support / chat / reassurance / connection. Accompanying you on antenatal appointments for support and advocacy. 2 postnatal treatments: Mizan Therapy / Postnatal Recovery Massage both with Closing the Bones + birth support as above – £2000

I also charge mileage at 45p a mile and expenses such as hospital parking.

Payment plans are available. A deposit is payable upon booking and we can work out instalments that are manageable for you.

Extra sessions or treatments can be added on to any of the first 4 packages (Danu already includes everything) and a payment plan can be arranged. If none of the packages are quite right for you I can do tailor made too.

It’s important that you and your Doula are a good mix and can work well together so we’d arrange to meet initially for a chat and a cuppa and see how we get on! I’m based in Ringwood and can cover anywhere within a 45ish minute drive. If you’d like to meet or find out my availability please get in touch here or email [email protected]

“I would certainly have Rosa at my next birth. She was professional, kind, caring and non-judgmental. She is well informed on matters of birth and children / babies. Rosa’s support on both a physical and emotional level were effective and supportive and she made my birth go smoothly in the manner I requested. I felt safe with Rosa as my support / advocate and it was a truly wonderful birth. During labour Rosa ensured the atmosphere was quiet, Rosa supported me to relax and manage my contractions effectively, she advocated with me when liasing with midwives and ensured my wishes were met. Rosa’s calm, supportive manner was a great comfort and her healing energy and gentle nature are a pleasure to be around” – Trish