What is a Doula?

A doula (pronounced doo-la) is someone who fulfils the much needed and unfortunately often missing role of support for women (and their partners) from pregnancy to early parenting. The doula’s role is to mother the mother and help smooth her transition into parenthood; holding the space for partners and the whole family too

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“Rosa brought a sense of calm and serenity to my postnatal experience. Being on my own with my partner at sea for the first 6 weeks of my daughters life led me to Rosa as I wanted to ensure that I was supported by someone in the know! What I particularly found useful from our sessions was the attention that Rosa gave me – I did really need someone to check I was ok. Her Rebozo was wonderful and left me feeling calm, relaxed and able to cope. I would recommend her Doula services again. Rosa was very sensitive to my needs and was excellent at anticipating them” – Annie